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The US Inclusive Recovery City Network 


Our Mission:

The US-IRCN is a national initiative that cultivates a network of cities committed to building inclusive recovery ecosystems. We are committed to cultivating, training, and fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among cities to develop and implement best practices in building inclusive recovery communities.  (Click here to fill out a brief form expressing your interest in exploring the process of starting an IRC in your city and schedule an introductory Zoom meeting with our US-IRCN team.)

Building an Inclusive Recovery City: A Roadmap for Your Community

The IRC model emphasizes four key pillars (commitments) each contributing to the development of the recovery community within the broader well-being of the entire community: 

Core Commitments:

  • Pledge allegiance to the Inclusive Recovery Cities Charter, committing the city to embrace inclusion, recovery, and reintegration principles.

  • Organize a minimum of four public-facing recovery events annually that are both inclusive and enjoyable, fostering a culture of celebrating recovery while actively contributing to civic life.

  • Establish an Inclusive Recovery Cities board, involving grassroots recovery and community organizations, certain specialized addiction treatment services, and political support such as mayors, delegates, or senators.

  • Engage in the Inclusive Recovery Cities movement, fostering the exchange of ideas and innovation at both national and international levels.


However, the real aspiration is to create inclusivity and ‘reciprocal altruism’ through tapping into the skills, resources, and capabilities of people in recovery to generate inclusive activities and networks benefiting the whole community and with opportunities for engagement for a range of marginalized and excluded groups and populations.


Becoming a Member City:


Cities interested in joining the US-IRCN can express their interest by scheduling an introduction with us HERE. Scheduling the introduction meeting begins the conversation with our IRCN team. This conversation will be an opportunity to learn more about the IRCN model, explore how it can benefit your city, and determine the next steps in your journey toward becoming an Inclusive Recovery City.

The US-IRCN Advantage: Building a Thriving Recovery Ecosystem

The IRCN offers a supportive and collaborative environment for member cities. Here's what you can expect: 

  • Join a network of like-minded cities and participate in a structured learning program. Benefit from mentorship, resources, and facilitated learning experiences to guide the development of your city's recovery ecosystem

  • Learn from the successes and challenges of other IRC cities. Contribute to a growing body of research and best practices from evidence-based models. 

  • Go beyond traditional ROSC models. We empower IRCs to foster a recovery community that actively contributes to the well-being, connectedness, and overall functioning of the city.

  • You'll be provided with mentorship, materials, and expertise, and facilitated learning experiences to create inclusivity and to deliver what was set out for recovery-oriented systems of care (ROSC) by William White in 2008, by SAMHSA (the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) in 2009, and finally in a book called “Addiction Recovery Management” (edited by John Kelly and William White) in 2011. This is an incredibly ambitious approach to ensuring individualized care and support from an integrated system of trained and supported staff and peers that is culturally responsive, inclusive, and evidence-based.

The US-IRCN is built upon a foundation that incorporates evidence-based practices informed by research, leaders and lived experience in the Recovery field. With this foundation, the US-IRCN brand is one from which every member of the network benefits. By joining our network, your city gains access to a collective knowledge base and a collaborative community designed to accelerate progress toward a more inclusive recovery landscape.


The US-IRCN is proudly led by Jessica Best, Executive Director of the Recovery Outcomes Institute, Inc. 

Join us in building a more inclusive recovery landscape across the United States!

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